A Michelin-starred meal for under $2?

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

today, there are two.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

Late last year the chef-owner partnered with Hersing Culinary to open Liao Fan Hawker Chan, a casual dine-in offshoot located meters away through his Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre-based stall.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

Meng created This specific quick-service restaurant to harness the sudden worldwide fame as well as, consequently, customer demand following his stall’s groundbreaking induction into Singapore’s inaugural Michelin Guide in July 2016.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

“I didn’t know anything about the Michelin Guide, although I knew This specific was for a very ‘high’ type of food,” admits the Malaysian-born chef, who initially dismissed news of Michelin’s interest in his stall as a joke.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

He has since undergone quite the learning curve of the guide’s impact on any given restaurant.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

The brand-new expansion seats 80 diners as well as still includes take-out service, which is usually a necessity: on Hawker Chan’s second soft-opening day, an ever-growing line of tourists as well as locals spilling out of the restaurant as well as onto the sidewalk almost mirrored of which of the stall, where people wait for several hours to experience his famous fare.

A Michelin-starred Meal For Under $2?

“The customers here [at Hawker Chan] are a bit more demanding,” Meng tells CNN while seated in his brand-new restaurant.

“Upstairs [at the stall], they will just stand there as well as wait. They are more patient.”

Hawker Chan’s menu is usually a duplicate of the stall, including the char siew noodles, pork rib hor fun as well as Meng’s legendary Cantonese-style soya sauce chicken rice.

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Marked up cost = more comfort

So what’s different about Hawker Chan?

For one, This specific’s an air-conditioned, up-to-date space unlike the stall’s spartan, often muggy food court location, as well as This specific has brand-new dishes such as Thai-style tofu as well as wonton soup in addition to combo platter options.

The number of staff quadruples of which of the hawker stall, which should surely help curb wait times.

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You’ll also today find the 52-year old Michelin man himself cooking as well as overseeing the brand-new restaurant, while occasionally checking in on the original stall, which his wife Irene helps manage.

There is usually a cost to pay for the more comfortable dining experience, however: the SGD $2 chicken rice dish at the stall, for instance, is usually marked-up at SGD $3.80, which Meng explains is usually only to cover overhead expenses.

Still, each single-meal served at Hawker Chan will set you back less than US$4, a true value compared to different restaurants helmed by a chef with Michelin honors.

Will Hawker Chan bring Chan Hong Meng his second “star” This specific year? The anticipated answer will soon be revealed in Singapore’s upcoming Michelin Guide This specific summer.

Just in case, Meng should keep his eyes peeled for a third venue.

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Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle: Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, 335 Smith St, Singapore
Hawker Chan: 78 Smith St, Singapore

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A Michelin-starred meal for under $2?