Etihad Airways seeks to reassure passengers over laptop ban

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

Etihad Airways is actually reassuring passengers of its highest level of service to minimise disruption following the introduction of a brand-new US travel directive on electronic devices.

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

Passengers on all US-bound flights coming from, or transiting through, Abu Dhabi International Airport will not be permitted to carry electronic devices bigger than a smart phone or mobile into the aircraft cabin. 

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

Items such as laptop computers, tablets including iPads, gaming devices, cameras as well as e-readers will be required to be placed in checked-in luggage.

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

Medical devices are exempt as well as can be carried on-board.

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

In response, Etihad has revealed which will offer first as well as business class passengers iPads for use during flights.

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

Premium passengers will also be offered free Wi-Fi for their smartphones.

Etihad Airways Seeks To Reassure Passengers Over Laptop Ban

All Etihad Airways’ US flights have mobile as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, together with power as well as USB points at every seat enabling guests to remain connected through their mobiles as well as smart phones.

as well as with an on-board inflight entertainment system offering hundreds of hours of free programmes, international movies, live TV news as well as sports channels, interactive games, as well as music in every seat, guests are able to keep themselves busy throughout their journey without the need of a laptop or tablet.

Etihad Airways – considered the entire world’s Leading Airline by the entire world Travel Awards – is actually sending email alerts to all US-bound travellers advising of the brand-new directive.

Signage is actually being placed at check-in desks at airports around the entire world where staff will inform guests to pack any prohibited electronic devices in their checked luggage. 

US-bound passengers travelling via Abu Dhabi must check-in their electronic devices at the point of origin.

The directive, issued by the US Transportation Security Administration, does not affect flights departing coming from the United States.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, all Etihad Airways guests travelling to the United States clear US Immigration as well as Customs at the US Preclearance facility in Terminal 3 – the only one of its kind inside Middle East.

When guests land inside US, they arrive as domestic passengers with no requirement to queue for immigration checks again.

Due to the additional security measures, Etihad Airways will deploy more staff at the US Preclearance facility to provide assistance.

To avoid inconvenience, guests are encouraged to pack the prohibited items in their checked baggage prior to reaching the Preclearance facility in Abu Dhabi.

Any prohibited electronic devices will have to be declared as well as placed in padded envelopes before being securely taken to the aircraft luggage hold by staff. 

Such items will be returned to guests on arrival inside US, while conveniently, some other items of checked-in luggage can be collected at the final destination inside United States.

Guests are also encouraged to avoid carrying spare battery packs larger than the permitted size as these will not be allowed in either the luggage hold or the cabin.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways chief executive, said: “We remain committed to ensuring we provide guests the highest levels of service as well as quality experience which we are renowned for, at Abu Dhabi International Airport as well as throughout their journey to minimise the impact of the brand-new measures.

“Etihad Airways offers excellent facilities on the ground at Abu Dhabi International Airport as well as inflight to keep guests entertained during their journey.

“While we are communicating the brand-new directive to guests before they begin their travels to the US, we are implementing numerous measures at Abu Dhabi International Airport to ease the process.

“We continue to work with the relevant authorities as well as advise guests to comply with the directive to ensure a smooth as well as uninterrupted journey to the United States.”

In addition to the on-board offering, all cabins have a selection of digital lifestyle magazines which can be viewed for free on a smartphone via the Wi-Fly homepage.

A variety of printed international magazines as well as newspapers are also available for guests travelling inside premium cabins.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, passengers have access to free Wi-Fi.

Guests travelling inside premium cabins can use Etihad Airways’ lounges.

For those with sufficient time before departure, guests can pay for access to Etihad’s Business Class lounge in Terminals 1 as well as 3 which offer computer terminals, Wi-Fi, business facilities, as well as a wide selection of newspapers, business as well as lifestyle magazines, international cuisine, shower rooms as well as children’s play rooms.

First as well as Business Class guests are also able to use the US Premium Lounge located after the US Immigration checks at Terminal 3.

While Abu Dhabi International Airport is actually not listed for a similar ban related to direct flights operating to the United Kingdom, enhanced security screening is actually likely for guests travelling to London, Manchester as well as Edinburgh.

Etihad Airways operates 45 flights a week between Abu Dhabi as well as six cities across the United States – namely brand-new York, Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles as well as San Francisco.

Etihad Airways seeks to reassure passengers over laptop ban