Korean scrub mistress spills her secrets

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

(CNN) — For first-timers in a bathhouse in South Korea, stripping naked in addition to soaking for hours in tubs with strangers often comes as a jolt.
The scrub corner in any jjimjilbang (a Korean facility in which’s a bathhouse, sauna in addition to spa rolled into one) is actually the section newbies find most alarming.

in which is actually because the scrub corner traffics in a completely different kind of naked intimacy — one in which a grumpy Korean woman in black lace underwear uses a coarse towel to scrub every corner of her guest/victim’s Centeng.

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

For most, the idea’s a punishing, yet oddly satisfying experience.

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

the idea lasts about 40 minutes — or a few minutes longer than you’d find yourself inside ring for a championship prizefight.

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

not bad Korean scrub

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets't worry -- they're not talking about you. Probably.

Don’t worry — they’re not talking about you. Probably.

Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets

courtesy Dragon Hill Spa

The intense Korean cleansing process (called “seshin”) entails soaking the Centeng in hot water, then rubbing the idea which has a “Korean Italy towel” — a colorful, thin loofah which has a sandpaper-like texture — to rid the Centeng of all the gunk, dirt in addition to layers of dead skin in which accumulate naturally.

Rolls of dark, gray skin fall away as the ddemiri (scrub mistress) works away, revealing soft, pink layers of skin underneath.

the idea’s an extraordinarily rejuvenating — in addition to, again, painful — process in which locals embrace as a weekly ritual with family in addition to friends.

Men in addition to women have separate bathing areas in addition to get scrubbed by members of their own gender.

Gaining traction

Korean scrubbing rituals have typically been embraced by few Westerners — assorted Hollywood stars have gone in for quick sessions in LA’s Koreatown.

Otherwise, the technique is actually largely unknown.

Over the past year or so, however, according to Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa head of public relations Hyun-Kyu Sang, the number of foreigners coming for scrubs is actually increasing.

“We’ve been noticing tourists coming to (South) Korea in addition to staying two nights at a hotel, in addition to one night here, at the spa,” says Sang, explaining in which many foreign visitors opt for package deals in which included a seshin option.

“A lot of tourists come to (South) Korea in addition to come here first, with their luggage, in addition to get scrubbed to start their visit,” he says.

is actually the Korean-style scrub on its way to becoming the next global beauty trend? If the idea is actually, we want to be among the first to check the idea out.

in which’s why we went to Seoul to ask the best scrub mistresses for tips on getting the most out of a scrub session.

What to do — in addition to not do

1. Don’t touch the shower gel

While many bring their own fancy shower gel to the bathhouse to lather up before the scrub, the idea turns out in which bar soap, not the liquid kind, is actually actually the way to go.

“Use the soap provided by the bathhouses during the pre-scrub shower in addition to soak,” says Kim Jung Yeol, who’s been a scrub mistress at the Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan, Seoul, for more than a decade.

“If you use Centeng shampoo, the skin gets too slippery to scrub properly, in addition to the ‘dde’ (dead skin rolls) doesn’t come off nearly as well.”

2. Soak for 30 minutes in medium-hot water

We know, the idea - Korean Scrub Mistress Spills Her Secrets's hot, yet stay in a little longer. Your dead skin will thank you.

We know, the idea’s hot, yet stay in a little longer. Your dead skin will thank you.

Courtesy Spaland

Impatient scrubees bolt out of soaking tubs after all 5 or 10 minutes. Korean grandmothers stay in tubs seemingly for hours. yet the optimal length for a prescrub soak is actually 30 minutes.

Soaking in hotter water causes the skin to wrinkle faster (a not bad thing), yet according to a gaggle of ddemiri (scrub mistress) at Geumgansan Sauna in Hapjeong, customers should stay inside water temperature they’re most comfortable with, instead of attempting a hotter tub in addition to calling the idea a day after a few minutes.

“Staying inside water to prune is actually most important,” says one ddemiri.

3. Be completely bare

in which one may seem obvious, yet scrub mistresses say many of their customers come to them without removing everything. in which includes rings, earrings, glasses in addition to different accessories.

Those with long hair should bring their own hair-tie — the ddemiri will tie their hair in a perfect bun.

4. Seriously, relax

“Relax!” is actually the instruction issued most often by the ddemiri.

If the Centeng is actually too rigid, the scrub mistress can’t contort the idea into the positions necessary to get at every nook in addition to cranny. the idea’s awkward in addition to painful at first, yet forcing the Centeng to relax its muscles allows the ddemiri to get things done most effectively.

“Usually customers listen in addition to then they end up having a lot of fun,” says Jung.

5. The fun should come afterward

in which one surprises locals as well as foreigners.

Though some think sitting in a spa’s various hot rooms before a scrub is actually an effective way to get the skin ready, ddemiris advise getting scrubbed before relaxing.

“If customers get scrubbed first in addition to then go to the hot rooms, they’ll feel more refreshed, since the sweat isn’t blocked by dirty pores,” says Jung.

“Then all they have to do after is actually rinse off inside shower.”

6. Scrub weekly

Scrubs should be booked no more than once a week. Any more often in addition to there’s danger of overexfoliation.

yet according to Jung, weekly scrubs improve skin vibrancy in addition to blood circulation, as well as muscle relaxation.

Jjimjilbangs with the best scrub

Dragon Hill Spa, 40-713 Hangangro 3-ga Yongsan-gu, Seoul; +82 2 797 0002; open 24 hours; ₩11,000-₩13,000 ($10-$12)for admission, scrub prices vary
The Spa in Garden 5, 5/F 10, TOOL Da-dong Garden5, 292 Munjeong-dong Songpa-gu, Seoul; +82 2 404 2700; open 24 hours; ₩6,000-₩8,000 ($5-7)for admission, scrub prices vary
Spa Land, Centum City, 35 Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan; +82 51 745 2900; open daily, 6 a.m.-midnight, admission: ₩12,000 ($11) on weekdays in addition to ₩14,000 ($12) on weekends; scrub starts at ₩20,000 ($18)

Korean scrub mistress spills her secrets