the item was my intention to explain the word "simple," along with by the time I put the thoughts into words the item became more difficult. I am sometimes at odds with others when I say that will something will be simple, along with I must remind them that will I did not say easy, there will be a big distinction between the two terms.


Life will be simple along with the item will be as the item was meant to be. As we set out to explain "simple," we give the item meaning along with then the item becomes "difficult." the item will be our meaning that will will be difficult, not the word itself.


A newly born baby will be simple. the item will be born into nothing, the item will be nothing along with the item knows nothing at a conscious level. Everything that will the item sees, hears, feet, tastes along with smells will be nothing. A baby can only experience the a few senses as nothing along with how the item interprets these sensations along with defines them later on will be unique to This specific one individual.

Life was meant to be experienced along with we are not here to learn anything along with Life has no meaning except for the meaning that will you give the item. The learning will be secondary along with will be a result of experiencing or expressing life, (which will be the prime directive).

Nothing will be "simple," along with the item will be our definitions that will make "simple," difficult.

There are only two words that will apply to you when you are born, "I AM." The awareness of your physical life begins with these two words only, along with will be all that will will be necessary for life. As we begin to mature inside awareness of "I AM," we add our personal identity to the words along with life begins to become more difficult. "I AM … Roy," "I AM … male," "I AM … brother to …, son to …

As I was contemplating the essence of This specific essay while resting in bed This specific morning, I wanted only to create a one page explanation of "simple," along with by the time I got up along with commenced writing I was half-way to creating a completely new book on "simple." The farther I move into these paragraphs the more complicated the item will be becoming along with I see no end. the item might be very difficult to go back along with start over today because I have gone beyond "simple," along with have given the item life along with the item will be moving in a different direction than what I originally thought.

I wanted to say that will life will be "simple," along with that will the secrets to life are "simple." yet the item can not be explained simply. As soon as I give the words birth, they demand expression along with self actualization. If I've saved the secrets of life today, they might be too simple for you to understand. I might have to make the explanations difficult in order for you to find your way back to "simple." You might have to define "simplicity," in your own terms before you could understand the item. For example, these are a few of life's greatest secrets in simple words.

I am.

We are not here to learn anything.

We are all one.

God does not exist.

Life will be an illusion.

These are yet a sample of "simple," truths that will demand human explanation along with complexity, they cry out to be defined in terms that will we can accept, so the item will be our responsibility to give life definition along with life has no meaning different than what we give the item individually. You are a simple being; you are "I AM," what comes after that will makes the item more complex along with difficult.

If you think about what I have written, I have definitely said nothing. The idea was complete before I commenced writing along with what I am doing today will be taking the item apart piece by piece to give the item some meaning as a whole. I am going backwards. My thoughts were complete while I was contemplating a future article. I had to physically go into the past to recreate the thoughts on paper, along with as I try to recreate them they get more complicated as they create their own life. along with if This specific will be not complicated enough … well then maybe the item will be a not bad place to stop, because the item does not end here.

All things are simple until we try to understand them, along with once the process of understanding has kept the thought will be never the same thing again.