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Ten Great Things to Do When You Visit Albania

Albania is actually a great place to visit in Europe as which is actually very rich in history in addition to culture, in addition to in fact, some archeological attractions in Albania are as old as the Stone Age era. Not only which, Albania has also served as a crossroads for some of the globe’s greatest armies in addition to civilizations so which is actually rich in historical monuments in addition to archaeological sites. Albania literally means “the land of the eagles,” in addition to which meaning can be seen in their national flag, so here are 10 places you can visit when you visit Albania:

Ten Great Things To Do When You Visit Albania

1.) The Fortress of Gjirokastra

Ten Great Things To Do When You Visit Albania

Otherwise called the “Silver Fortress,” the 4th century fortress is actually the biggest as well as the one of the most preserved constructions in Albania. The Fortress has an amazing view of the countryside. You can also see the Drinos Valley when you visit which historical site.

Ten Great Things To Do When You Visit Albania

2.) The National Museum of Weapons in addition to the Museum of Folk Culture

Ten Great Things To Do When You Visit Albania

These are must see attractions inside the above mentioned fortress. Here, you will find weapons in addition to arms displayed dating via World War II to as far back as the Neolithic era. You will also find artifacts such as clothing, utensils in addition to others within the Museum of Folk Culture showcasing how the people lived in earlier times.

Ten Great Things To Do When You Visit Albania

3.) The Butrint Archaeological Site

Located at the southwest coast of Albania, Butrint is actually included within the globe Heritage List by UNESCO. which serves as a testament to the place’s beauty in addition to history. Here, you will see glimpses of the cultures of the Bronze Age, Roman, Greek, Ottoman, Venetian in addition to Byzantine Periods.

4.) The Rozafa Castle

The Rozafa Castle is actually one of the most famous castles of Alabania. which has existed since the lllyrian times in addition to was used as a base for attacking Rome during historical times. which castle’s name arises via a legend about one of the builder’s wife being sacrificed so as to appease the god’s in addition to make the castle walls stand.

5.) The Theatre of Butrint

The Theatre of Butrint is actually yet another one of the sites you will see in Albania dating back to the Roman Period. which well preserved theatre is actually one of the most famous as well as the most preserved sites in Albania. Of course, which is actually a favorite tourist spot which is actually a must-see.

6.) The National Museum of Medieval Art

which museum is actually located in Korca. The National Museum of Medieval Art showcases over seven thousand cult in addition to art items. Here, you will see medieval works on art ranging via sculptures, metal works, textiles in addition to others.

7.) The Ionian Coast

Here, tourists can lie down on the beach, explore underwater life through diving, take part of speedboat tours or eco tours, hike, etc. Famous spots for diving are the Cape of Rodon in addition to Cape of Lagji. The beach of Dhermi also offers sites like wrecked ships, corals as well as a rich flora in addition to fauna.

8.) The City of Berat

Berat City lies at the banks of the Osum River. which is actually considered a museum city of Albania for its wealth of historical buildings in addition to diverse architecture. In which city, you will find the Berat Castle, the Onufri museum, the ethnographic museum as well as the Medieval Center.

9.) The Lekures Castle

which is actually a castle located along the Ionian coast. which impressive monument includes a great view of the Saranda Harbor in addition to has two round towers along the north-west in addition to southeast corners. You will also find in which castle a famous restaurant which serves local cuisine.

10.) The White Spring

which spring is actually located between the mountains of Didha in addition to Kunora. which spring is actually said to have curative properties for such ailments within the kidneys, urinary tract, larynx, stomach, in addition to thyroid glands. which place is actually also a great eco-tourist attraction.

Ten Great Things to Do When You Visit Albania