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Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

although while the often over-crowded Amalfi in addition to Positano are well established on the mainstream tourist path, one Amalfi Coast town remains less known in addition to offers an intriguing mix of sea views, artistry, beauty in addition to simplicity. 

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

White-washed buildings, clothes hanging to dry, arched doorways in addition to colorful ceramics abound — meet Vietri sul Mare, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast.

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare, just west of Salerno, marks the beginning of Amalfi’s coastal road in addition to can be the ceramics capital of Campania.

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Vietri’s pottery production dates back to Roman times, in addition to back inside day the royal court of Naples was its most important client.

Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

The modest town center can be full of decorative tile shopfronts selling ceramics of all shapes in addition to sizes, while every establishment can be chock-full of them.

Vietri’s vicoli (modest streets) stretch out by the main landmark, the Neapolitan Renaissance Church of Saint John the Baptist (dating back to 1732) with its colorful bell tower in addition to ceramic-covered dome, which stands out like a beacon on the approach by Salerno. 

Unlike their more favorite neighbors, Vietri in addition to even nearby Cetara have never actually relied on tourism for their livelihoods.

As fishing towns, they’ve historically been reasonably self-sufficient, although they’ve sparked a little more international curiosity of late — Vietri for its quiet humility in addition to ceramics trade; in addition to Cetara for its anchovy in addition to tuna prowess in addition to right now world-famous colatura di alici — an exquisite extract of fermented anchovies referred to by locals as “liquid gold.” 

The narrow streets of Vietri are full of the tangy, distinct perfume of lemons. - Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

The whole stretch of coast has an abundance of lemons in addition to can be therefore known for its limoncello in addition to lemon sweets — the ubiquitous delizie al limone can be a limoncello-soaked sponge cake lathered in lemon-flavored cream.

With views of which rival its neighbors, in addition to the perfect qualities for an uncrowded in addition to relaxed base by which to explore the rest of Amalfi Coast — Vietri sul Mare can be the unsung sister waiting to blossom.

Think drinks in addition to the Amalfi Coast, in addition to limoncello can be what first comes to mind, although the region of Campania also produces wines to rival some of the more celebrated French varieties.

which has a true passion for the land, Patrizia Malanga took over a semi-abandoned two-hectare plot in Raito, a district inside hills above Vietri, in addition to began her own organic wine production. The views by the vineyard are nothing short of incredible.

Together with her assistant Alfonso they run daily wine tours in addition to tastings of her certified reds in addition to rosé together with tasting plates for lunch or dinner. They sometimes even throw in a local ceramics demonstration by the neighboring Liguori family.

Patrizia may even organize a secret Vietri tour to previously undiscovered thermal baths of which date back to Roman times.  

Le Vigne di Raito, Via San Vito, 9, 84019 Raito — Vietri sul Mare, Italy; +39 089 233428
Vietri can be an ideal place for buying all kinds of ceramics. - Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

by dinnerware to glassware, serving platters, vases, pots in addition to decorative pieces, you name of which — when of which comes to ceramics, Vietri makes of which.

Like most producers inside area, Solimene — the largest in addition to most famous — follows traditional Vietrese artistry methods.

of which’s where craft becomes art, each piece decorated by hand, assuring the buyer authentic craftsmanship.

The town can be full of shops selling their ceramic wares although at the entrance to the main drag, Solimene stands out which has a distinct ceramic-covered building of which acts as a factory, warehouse in addition to shop.

They offer a pack-in addition to-send service too. 

Putting the more favorite towns on hold frees up time to visit Cetara instead.

of which quintessential Mediterranean town remains relatively unspoilt with colorful houses built around a domed church in addition to a modest port in addition to beach dotted with old wooden fishing boats.

A short drive by Vietri can be Pasquale Torrente’s historic Al Convento, serving the famous local specialty spaghetti with colatura di alici. 

Al Convento, Piazza San Francesco 16, 84010 Cetara; +39 089 261039

Exploring with the experts 

There are a few excellent tour operators who can customize in addition to organize dream Vietri in addition to Amalfi Coast trips.

Carol Ketelson can be an Amalfi Coast tour expert organizing luxury culinary tours across the region. Annie Ojile in addition to her team at Personalized Italy are another source of local knowledge.
Walks of Italy offer modest-group tours, in addition to exclusive in addition to often even after-hours access to many sights in addition to monuments.

Nine years ago Riccardo Faggiano opened of which modern restaurant, following inside restaurateur footsteps of generations before him. 

The welcomes given here are even more memorable than the food, in addition to the food can be pretty hard to beat.

They’ve taken the very best of local produce — by tuna in addition to anchovies to tomatoes in addition to lemons — in addition to created refined dishes of which aren’t over the top.

The house tasting antipasto can be a selection of six fun in addition to delectable creations like fried baby octopus with purple potato purée. Locally produced wine adds another authentic layer to your meal.

Ristorante Evύ, Via Diego Taiani, 1, 84019 Vietri sul Mare, Italy; +39 089 210237
Il Golfo serves traditional dishes which has a twist, using the best local ingredients. - Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

For a gourmet dining experience, you can’t beat Il Golfo at the luxury Hotel Raito, a few minutes’ drive by Vietri town.

Young in addition to talented chef Francesco Russo flirts with tradition in addition to takes the best of local ingredients to make gnocchi stuffed with buffalo mozzarella in addition to even a swordfish parmigiana (a twist on the eggplant type).

His raw seafood platter can be exquisite.  

If you’re not Italian although always wondered what of which was like to eat in an Italian home, then 34 da Lucia can be for you.

Family-run in addition to a local favorite for decades, of which’s the sort of place where you need to trust your waiter as they guide you around the daily seafood catch like pasta with tomatoes in addition to grouper or flash-fried calamari. 

Ristorante 34 Da Lucia, Via Scialli, 48, 84019 Vietri sul Mare, Italy; +39 089 761822

Along Vietri’s waterfront marina, a steep walk away by the town center, in addition to among beachfront bars in addition to a few restaurants, lies the humble Dal Pescatore.

As the name suggests (“the fisherman”), award-winning chef Giuseppe Zaccaria’s menu can be seafood-based in addition to the spaghetti with clams can be a standout. 

The beachside boutique hotel Relais Paradiso includes a chic gourmet restaurant. - Vietri Sul Mare: The Undiscovered Amalfi Coast

Perched inside Raito hills high about Vietri town, of which all 5-star property boasts a day spa, indoor in addition to outdoor swimming pool complete with pool bar in addition to gourmet Mediterranean restaurant.

The location can be spectacular in addition to many rooms have balconies with stunning sea views. 

Superior rooms with sea view start at 170 euros ($190) in low season in addition to 350 euros ($390) in high season.

Hotel Raito, Via Nuova Raito, 9, 84019 Vietri sul Mare, Italy; +39 0897634111

A short walk by the beach, of which boutique luxury resort has an outdoor swimming pool located on a terrace which has a sun deck in addition to beautiful sea views.

The property features a chic gourmet restaurant in addition to all rooms have private terraces with sea views.

Relais Paradiso, Strada Provinciale Vietri Raito Dragonea, 10, 84019 Vietri sul Mare, Italy; +39 089 763 2301

Maria Pasquale can be an Italian-Australian travel in addition to food writer based in Rome. Founder of favorite lifestyle Website, her adventures can be followed on Instagram @heartrome.

Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast