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Visiting Disney World having a Baby? the item Can Be Magical!

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

My initial thought… This specific is actually crazy!

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

When my son in addition to daughter-in-law told me they were taking my grandson, age 10 months, to Disney World, I wisely held my tongue. although I thought to myself that will This specific was might be a waste of money — not to mention a little bit crazy! There was no way the baby might remember anything of the trip. in addition to I had seen enough crying or soundly sleeping infants during our own trips there in the past to “know” what was ahead of them. although I also knew that will my son, who was stationed in Alabama, had vacation time he had to use up. in addition to there actually wasn’t much for them to do having a baby where they lived. So I supposed the item might be a welcome diversion for the two adults, although I hoped they weren’t expecting too much for the baby.

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

Well, was I ever wrong!

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

Things that will Worked For Them

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

During the trip in addition to afterward, they called us with all the details about what a wonderful time they were all having. at This specific point admittedly, the trip was a LOT easier for them because they were able to drive. Flying having a baby in addition to all the essentials that will they require can be difficult in addition to complicated. Driving also made the item easier for them to work around the baby’s schedule, rather than a flight schedule. in addition to having a car can make going to in addition to by the parks more manageable as well. So I’m sure that will had a big part to play within the relative ease of their vacation.

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

Another big consideration was staying at a hotel on the Disney property. With or without your own car, the item can be less of a hassle to get back to the hotel for afternoon naps or pool time if the hotel is actually in close proximity of the parks. The room also had a fridge — a must for storing baby formula in addition to opened jars of baby food. the item also helped that will they went in late September. Since the item was no longer the peak season, prices were lower. Smaller lines meant less time waiting with the baby; plus they were able to take in more of the rides, which is actually not always easy when you have a little one along. in addition to thankfully, although still very warm, the extreme heat of the summer was over.

Visiting Disney World Having A Baby? The Item Can Be Magical!

Lessons Learned

One of the few “mistakes” they made was to not schedule a day off mid-week just to relax around the hotel in addition to enjoy the pool. They were so exhausted by the end of their stay, they decided to stay a day longer just to do that will before driving home. (Their big advice here was to be sure you bring or buy baby “floaties” for the pool).

There were a few various other things they learned they had to do differently when touring Disney having a baby. First of all, you’ve got to take the item a lot slower. When the item was just the two of them, they were able to get an early start to get to the parks. although when working around a baby’s schedule, the item often meant leaving a lot later than they might have preferred. On the various other hand, they were fortunate in that will they didn’t need to come back to the hotel during the day. Because they brought their own stroller, which was a lot more comfortable for their son, he was able to simply nap there. Plus he often fell asleep in some of the “dark” rides.

Although they visited the Animal Kingdom, they said later that will they should have skipped that will. There wasn’t much there for a baby his age. in addition to for that will reason, they did not even try to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They discovered that will when you go to Disney World with kids, the item’s all about the kids in addition to what they can in addition to want to do. They were able to go on some “adult” rides, although the item was difficult to try to “schedule” them while he was napping. For the most part, the “baby swap” worked well. although the item was sometimes difficult to handle the baby alone. Fortunately, the lines were not long, in addition to This specific was another plus of going off-season. in addition to Fastpasses helped keep the wait short as well.

Positive Experiences (For the Most Part)

Even though there was not much for babies at the Studios or Animal Kingdom, there was more than enough at the various other two parks to entertain a baby for days. Even though their son was very young, there were plenty of rides he thoroughly enjoyed: “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin”, “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, the “Mad Tea Party” spinning teacups, the carousel, in addition to the train. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was another favorite — especially the little “dip” at the beginning. in addition to in Epcot, he particularly loved “Journey into Imagination with Figment”.

although he didn’t care for “Peter Pan’s Flight”, which makes sense, since you have to look down to see what’s going on: there’s very little to see at a baby’s eye level. in addition to Ellen’s Universe of Energy in Epcot was too long to keep his interest. the item actually was a matter of trial in addition to error to pick rides he might enjoy.

As far as the essentials, the item turned out the baby stations were a real plus. More than just a changing area, they had everything you could possibly need for an infant: areas to breastfeed complete with rocking chairs, high chairs, changing tables, bathrooms for adults, a play area for toddlers, in addition to even water available by a cooler. Plus you could purchase any supplies you might have forgotten or run out of such as diapers, food, formula in addition to juice. The only downside was that will they were not always centrally located or convenient to get to.

The Characters

For the most part, meeting the characters turned out to be a positive experience. He was already familiar with some of them by watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. So he took right away to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto in addition to Donald. although he wasn’t too sure about Pooh, Tigger, in addition to Eeyore, until they ate at the Crystal Palace character meal. This specific turned out to be their favorite meal, both due to the experience in addition to the actually excellent food.. in addition to after mingling with the group by the Hundred Acre Wood there, he loved those characters as well. The only characters that will scared him were Lilo in addition to Stitch, because he had never watched them on TV. (in addition to personally, I think they’re kind of scary anyway)! although in spite of that will, the item was felt that will all the characters actually knew how to handle kids… even young babies.

The Food — a Big Part of Any Disney World Trip

Speaking of restaurants, Chef Mickey’s (a favorite character meal for our family for many years), turned out to be a disappointment. Mickey didn’t walk around as he had in previous years — you could only have a picture taken with him (expensive); in addition to the food was not as not bad as what they had within the past. My son in addition to daughter-in-law also tried a couple of adult-oriented restaurants with some success. There were no problems with bringing a baby along. Menu items suitable for babies were available, although they still fed him his baby food too. although restaurant favorites included macaroni in addition to cheese, turkey, bread, in addition to especially the vanilla ice cream at Ghirardelli’s!

Going to Disney World having a Baby? Why Not!

So the item turns out, there’s plenty for a baby to do, enjoy, in addition to experience by going to Disney World. The pictures we saw later by their trip showed a baby whose expressions ranged by awe to absolute joy. in addition to as my son in addition to daughter-in-law went on in addition to on about their trip during their weekly phone call home, I knew the item wouldn’t matter that will their son might never remember his first visit to Disney World — because the parents might never forget the item.

Visiting Disney World having a Baby? the item Can Be Magical!